Tribal wolf head tattoo by erica2105-d4t8iys


The City For Hire

Noviron used to run by a feudal Lord. The Lord hired the Iron Wolves and other mercenary bands. They protected his lands and fought his wars. The mercenaries grew rich and powerful so powerful in fact that the mercenaries where as powerful as the lord they served. When the Lord refused to pay the sums demanded by the mercenaries they overthrew the lord and took his lands. They have been in control of those lands ever since. Most of the mercenaries of the Seven Nations call Noviron there home. The quality of the mercenaries runs from thugs with weapons all the way up to professional armies, ready for battle at a moments notice and the promise of pay.

The Iron Wolves

The Iron Wolves control Noviron proper and have so for several years. They rule through alliances, bargins and bribes and when some upstart refuses to back down, they are not afraid to use force.